RP Outsourcing offers seamless business and knowledge process outsourcing solutions and services to clients across the globe. Whether it's a newly launched start-up business or an established brand, we have the right technology, infrastructure, and expertise to set up offshore call centres for various business operations. We offer excellent BPO/KPO solutions for technical support, customer service, data processing, inbound sales, order inquires outbound support, etc.

Call Centre Services

RP Outsourcing helps businesses set up offshore call centres to handle different business operations. Whether you need inbound or outbound sales support, we have the best solution for all your needs. From technical to non-technical support, we can help your business set up virtual call centres to handle queries related to sales, inquiries about new products/services, or any technical issues. Our primary goal is to help businesses stay connected with their customers through inbound and outbound processes in the most cost-effective way. Our Call Centre services include:

Inbound Call Support

We will handle all the queries or questions related to your products and services via our Inbound Call Support. Our executives are adept in offering technical and non-technical call support.

Answering Service

Automated answering service is the need of the hour for affordability and efficiency. Our professional call centre services also include state-of-the-art IVR support.

Technical Support

A brand isn't trustworthy enough unless it offers 24/7 technical support. Our team of skilled professionals will supply all the technical support required by your business for catering the customers.

Customer Service

Customer support is an integral part of any business in the digital age. We will help your business set up a competent communication channel for customers to stay connected and solve queries.


Inbound Sales

The conversion ratio is at its peak when the customer finds solutions in your product and services. Our Inbound sale support will take care of the queries related to your product & services via Inbound support.

Outbound Support

Customers feel good when they feel special. Our team of highly professional executives identifies the emotional triggers and events to make your customers feel good, feel special.

Order Taking

Any problem or issue occurring while ordering the product or service needs careful attention. Our customer support guides the customers throughout the ordering process for better conversion rates.

Chat and Email support

Besides phone call support, our call centre services also include chat and email support. Our team of skilled professionals will guide the customers and solve their queries via chat or emails.

BPO Services

Customer support is the key ingredient for any business to guarantee optimum customer experience. At RP Outsourcing, we understand the importance of customer support and hence provide an eclectic range of essential business process outsourcing services to cater to the demands of customer support in this digital era. Our BPO services are not only advanced and innovative but also highly affordable to allow businesses to find solutions in a cost-effective way with compromising on the quality in the process. Our BPO services include:

Back Office Functions

Why waste your time and energy on the back office process and paperwork when you can outsource it. Let the RP Outsourcing team handle your back office functions while you can focus on more productive tasks.

Invoice Factoring Support

Invoices are crucial in this digital age as it is sole proof of a purchase made. Our support team will assist with billing formalities as well as create and send invoices to the customer for every bill issued and paid.

Underwriting Process

Processes involve a lot of understanding of business and consumer expectation. We are a Pro at this process and we make sure to follow the process from verifying the documents to passing the claim.

Accounts and Finance Services

Accounts and finances are highly important for any business and require the utmost security. Our team will handle all your accounts and finances while maintaining confidentiality.


HR Services

Our HR Support services help businesses with the hiring, training, and development process of an individual. Our support services also administer the performance and appraisal of each team member.

E-com Support Services

Running an e-commerce business? Well, you may need a lot of support for multiple tasks from managing sales, product inventory, deals, etc. We offer e-commerce support services to manage all such operations while you focus on marketing and branding.

Infrastructure Management

The success of a business depends on multiple factors and one such factor is the way every business handles the management process. Well, we can simplify these tasks for your business while supervising internal contact management and Human resource management.

Data Management Services

Handling data is the key in a competitive environment to identify the consumer profile, behaviour, social trends, product demands, problems, solutions, etc. However, managing and processing such huge chunks of data can be challenging. Here's where RP Outsourcing comes for the rescue. We have the right experience, extensive tools, and quality resources to help businesses with state-of-the-art data management practice. Our data management services include:

Data Processing

Data is the key element in this highly competitive and fast-paced industry. Our team of expert data scientists and analysts will help you process data and explore new business opportunities.

Data Mining

Our data mining process will assist you to identify the target customer profile. Identifying the right audience will help your business with better conversion rates and sales.

Data Cleansing

Data management is ineffective without proper data cleansing measures. Our expert professionals will review and cleanse the data of any corrupt or inaccurate records.

Data Verification and Extraction

With years of extracting and verifying data, our team of data analysts have the right tools and resources to check the quality of the data and authenticate its credibility.


Data Conversion

Got data from different mediums or in multiple formats? Let us help you merge all your data in a single format for better accessibility.